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Founded in 2015 on the Canadian prairies, it all began with the question - Where are all these cheap sunglasses ending up? Plastic sunglasses are a dime a dozen, everyone has a few pairs, but what impact is this having on the environment when they quickly break or the fad is over? Like most apparel these days, plastic sunglasses are not built to last, and quickly end up broken in a landfill. The idea for Keepwood began with the search for a better alternative. Always looking to support local, we quickly realized there were few eco-conscious eyewear options in Canada. When we discovered wood and bamboo as an alternative to plastic, we decided to create a brand focused on producing eyewear using natural materials.

Our wood sunglasses and eyeglass frames are meticulously handcrafted using carefully sourced woods, premium polarized and polycarbonate lenses, and high quality hinges and screws. Attention is paid to every detail along the way to bring you a quality product that will last. We are continuously striving to offer new styles at affordable prices, while looking for new ways to become more sustainable. Whether it's ensuring our shipping materials are made from 100% recycled materials, or sourcing out more natural oils and varnishes to seal our woods, we are constantly looking for ways to be better.

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