Rx Lenses

Need Prescription Lenses for your Frames? 


Although Keepwood currently does not have a prescription lens service, we have a few suggestions for you. If you already have a local optician that you trust, feel free to bring your new frames to them. We provide a printed instruction sheet with your order that you can give to your optician. Working with our frames is very simple and straight forward. 

Alternatively, we have partnered with "ReplaceRXLenses", located in the United States. Please note this method is only for Canadian and US customers.

Here's how this option works:

1. Purchase your Keepwood frames here on our website. You will have to decide whether you would like us to ship the frames to you first so you can try them on, or speed up the process by having us ship directly to "ReplaceRXLenses". If you choose the second option, please email us right away at info@keepwoodeyewear.com to let us know, so that we don't mistakenly dispatch them to your home. 

2. Visit www.replacerxlenses.com. Please use this link so we can track your order. 

3. Order your prescription lenses using code KEEPWOOD15 for 15% off your lens order.

4. We will communicate directly with "ReplaceRXLenses" for you in regards to us shipping them your frames. Once your prescription is placed into your new Keepwood frames, they will ship them directly to you. If you choose to receive the frames first to try them on, you can complete this process independently. 

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email us at info@keepwoodeyewear.com